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Salsura Ferments

We are chefs first and foremost, that passion for delicious food goes into the creation of all of our products! Our process starts with flavor first, then we focus on health and cost, the relentless pursuit of delicious is at the core of everything we do. Everything we make is vegan, not because we are vegan ourselves, but because we believe in show casing the natural delicious flavors of fruits and vegetables.

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Salsura Ferments

We are chefs first and foremost, that passion for delicious food goes into the creation of all of our products! Our process starts with flavor first, then we focus on health and cost, the relentless pursuit of delicious is at the core of everything we do. Everything we make is vegan, not because we are vegan ourselves, but because we believe in show casing the natural delicious flavors of fruits and vegetables.

The Views at Sunset Ridge

We here at Sunset Ridge are dedicated to providing exceptional service and the highest level of professional care for each of our clients. We strive to create a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of every client and there guests who attend our venue. I have a passion for food I love to cook, and I want everyone to be able to enjoy good food. I am customer service focused and I believe we need to bring back the high levels of customer service.Wedding food doesn't have to be good enough, wedding food can and should be elevated to an amazing level.

Chattanooga Breadhouse

We bring quality, handmade breads that "Feed Your Inner Flour Child" to Chattanooga residents and businesses.I've been a baker for years and I see an opportunity to fill a gap in quality breads in Chattanooga. While we have a few quality bread makers in the area, there's simply far more demand than supply in both volume and variety.

Bhamanooga Wings

Mission Statement- We Prayed God Gave Vision Statement- Provide a Consistent Product time after time. Bhamanooga Wings is owned by a Navy Vet native to Birmingham and a Chattanooga entrepreneur. We started our business to provide us financial freedom and we have a goal to open a brick an mortar within two years. Please follow us on social media and come out and support our local business and try our wings with our signature sauce.

Fully Involved Bistro

I've always loved to cook and I'm a volunteer firefighter and that's another thing I'm passionate about so that's where the name of my food truck came from. I love to provide great food to my customers and that is the reason we give all 1st responders and military a 15% discount.

Lookout-Out 4 Sliders and More LLC

I have always loved the idea of a food truck, and was given the opportunity to start one up. I love what I do and doesn't feel like I am working. We serve fun food using the fresh ingredients and upholding a high standard of customer service. My sliders are a little bigger than the normal one you would make at home. Everything is freshly made from sauces to pickles and condiments.

Nola Girl’s Gumbo, LLC

I am passionate about serving others. My food allows me to bring people together at a table while indulging in good comfort food. The unique thing about my business is authenticity! I thrive on bringing authentic cuisines to my customers by affording them opportunities to taste various cuisines which are not available in this region. I wish every customer knew the food is not spicy. Every dish is full of flavor and a little “kick of heat”.

Neutral Ground

Raised in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans as one of seven siblings, Kenyatta Ashford found his love for food at a young age over lingering family meals hosted by his mother. Led by the memories and the tastes of his childhood and with a constant commitment to excellence. After cooking in top tier culinary establishments in New York, Rhode Island, and Louisiana. In 2017, thanks to the @beardfoundation, @chefkenyattaashford was able study West African foodways in Ghana which helped to shape his culinary identity.

Chattatater LLC

Jason Rogers and his wife started the Chattatater with the mission to serve food with integrity and quality ingredients without compromise. The Chattatater specializes in loaded potatoes with flavors ranging from BBQ pork to honey mustard chicken. The duo originally entered the food business out of a passion for cooking. However, during the process of slowly building their brand, Jason has found the self-independence of business ownership to be refreshing. Jason and his wife desire to build the Chattatater into a well-known and trusted mobile restaurant, and during that process, they hope to empower their children to pursue their true passions.

Oh My Goodness Chef Chasty Seafood & More

For over two years Chasty Lane has owned and operated Oh My Goodness Chef Chasty Seafood and More. Chasty’s culinary techniques are rooted in southern Mississippi style cooking where she is originally from - she cooks with an “old soul,” making the majority of her dishes entirely from scratch. Chasty aims to leverage her business to give back and contribute to the community as much as possible.

Cheiman Tea

As a single mother, Stephanie Steiman started Cheiman Tea to generate much-needed income to support her family. Fast forward a few years and the business is now jointly run by the entire family. Cheiman Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting chai latte mixes made by hand in small batches. They strive to grow their family business with the same honesty and integrity used in their family recipes by using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

BBQ Rowe

James “Pat” Rowe, the owner of BBQ Rowe, has been in business for over five years. As a catering company based out of Chattanooga, he takes pride in providing quality food and exceptional customer service. With every bite, James hopes to impart to his patrons that “it’s the love you’re tasting.” Having operated in Chattanooga for over five years, James has catered a variety of noteworthy conferences, most notably his team caterers the 36|86 - the Southeasts premier technology conference in 2017.

Chattanooga Kombucha

Daniel Reading, the owner of the Chattanooga Kombucha Company strives to provide the Chattanooga area with a low sugar carbonated beverage alternative.

Chef Express

Terrance Locke, a Chattanooga native, has owned Chef Express Cafe, a mobile food truck for over five years. Terrance prides his business on having a versatile menu that caters to any crowd while offering patrons an exceptional experience. Long-term, Terrance hopes to create a multi-generational business he can hand off to his son.

Rileigh & Company

Cornelius Lathan runs a catering, personal chef, and cooking show business using his culinary talents. Rileigh & Company, named after Cornelius’s daughter, has been in business for approximately one year and is looking to expand its clientele in the coming year. The KIC has offered networking opportunities and access to a workspace that will allow for Rileigh & Company's continued growth.

The Oatmeal Experience

Ian Sullivan, the owner and founder of The Oatmeal Experience, was featured in Men’s Health magazine in 2019 after losing over 145 pounds. Ian attributes this feat to his consistent diet of oatmeal. Once a YouTube influencer heard Ian’s story, they wanted to invest. With Ian’s focus on advocating for eating healthy the partnership helped Ian acquire a food trailer. Without having a background in the food industry, Ian enrolled in the LAUNCH CHA 10-week program and, upon graduation, moved into the KIC and passed his first health inspection in April! Ian also just had his official grand opening in May, we are excited to be a part of Ian’s journey!

Kena's Cajun Kitchen

Wykena Brown is the owner of Kenas Cajun Kitchen. As a Louisiana native, Wykena seeks to “bring the bayou to your backyard.” Every recipe she features on her menus is slightly adjusted from her mother and fathers cookbook and prepared entirely from scratch. Wykena finds joy in bringing a smile to peoples faces with her food!

King's Elderberry

Brandie King, the owner of Kings Elderberry, started exploring alternative treatments when her son had adverse reactions to his asthma medication. To decrease his reliance on the medicine, Brandie researched and found that elderberry syrup was a possible alternative. Fast forward a few years, and now Brandie has been making the syrup for a few years and realized she wanted to share her experience, and brilliant product, with others. She needed a commercial kitchen space for her production, so she turned to the KIC!

Ryans Pepperworks

Ryan's Pepperworks is owned by Ryan Whaley but jointly operated by three friends. They strive to produce high-quality pepper-based products for the Chattanooga area, sharing the amazing qualities of fermented hot sauce along the way.

The Chattanooga Cookie

The Chattanooga Cookie, a local sister-owned business, started when Jessica and Megan teamed up to start their business journey. The Chattanooga Cookie strives to positively impact the lives of their patrons, team, and community by providing a stellar edible experience through exceptional ingredients and flavor combinations revealed in their cookies. They do this by providing their employees with a safe, fun, dignified atmosphere that encourages diversity and leadership while supporting current endeavors; and finding new ways to give back to the community that supports them.

Wings Top Tots

Mahogany Hudgins, the owner of Wings Top Tots Food Truck, loves serving and meeting new people. After participating in the LAUNCH CHA cohort, she decided to leverage her culinary skills and open a food truck which allows her to return the joy she finds in cooking with every meal.

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